Gluten free Pancakes

Pancakes are, in my opinion, the best breakfast. The day just starts off well! With this easy recipe they become ultra fluffy and soft, so you can eat them even in the afternoon.


That's what you need:

300g Mix It flour from Schär

3 EIer

about 300ml milk

1 teaspoon baking powder


There you go:

Mix the flour with the milk to make a creamy, thick dough. Separate the eggs, pour the egg yolk into the dough and whip the egg whites until firm. Stir the baking powder into the dough, add the beaten egg white and the dough is ready.


You can now cut the fruit into the dough as you wish. My personal favourites are bananas and blueberries, because they give the pancakes a natural sweetness. Then simply put a ladle of dough into a pan rubbed with coconut oil and fry until the pancake is lightly browned.

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